Joan MirĂ³ - October 2021

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 5:01pm

In Art, we have been learning about the Spanish artist Joan Miró. We looked at some of his paintings before creating our own. Using a black pastel, we drew an abstract design before filling it with paint. We learned about the primary colours of red, yellow and blue before mixing them to create the secondary colours of orange, green and purple. We also watched an animation based on The Garden and coloured in a similar picture. Finally, we used some of Miró's surrealist images to create our own original drawings. Miss Sullivan was super impressed with all of our efforts. Like great artists, the children took home their original pieces so now only prints are available on a display in school and in the children's Topic books. 

           IMG_2136.jpg  IMG_2138.jpg  IMG_2140.jpg

                                          IMG_2142.jpg  IMG_2144.jpg  

  IMG_2155.jpg  IMG_2156.jpg  IMG_2157.jpg  IMG_2158.jpg

                                                             IMG_2164.jpg  IMG_2152.jpg

                   IMG_2183.jpg  IMG_2184.jpg   

                                               IMG_2169.jpg   IMG_2185.jpg                           

                 IMG_2167.jpg  IMG_2168.jpg                       

                                         IMG_2182.jpg  IMG_2170.jpg  

                   IMG_2171.jpg  IMG_2172.jpg

                                        IMG_2178.jpg  IMG_2173.jpg

                   IMG_2174.jpg  IMG_2175.jpg


                  IMG_2179.jpg  IMG_2180.jpg

                  IMG_2181.jpg  IMG_2177.jpg


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