Our overall Curriculum aim is to provide quality teaching and support so as to enable our children to reach their potential with the highest possible academic standards, positive attitude to learning, good self-discipline and an understanding of the skills and qualities of others.  In order to achieve this aim the Governors, Headteacher and Staff recognise the need to constantly review our practice to ensure our goals are being achieved. These are our broad curriculum aims for each subject that we cover in school:

Religious Education
Religious Education provides a meaningful meeting point for religious and educational considerations. Our aim is that pupils will develop an appreciation for the Christian message and mission and thereby develop a sense of the love of God, neighbour and self.

All pupils are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of relationships, attitudes and values and to reflect upon religious beliefs and practices and our Roman Catholic children are given the opportunity to take part in the Salford Diocesan Sacramental Programme leading to their Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

To develop the children’s ability to understand and communicate using the four language models of speaking, listening, reading and writing (including handwriting). Spelling, punctuation and grammar are also taught so that children know and understand how the English language works.

To maintain and increase confidence in mathematics through a practical approach, matched closely to the language and concepts required to develop good mathematical skills and knowledge.

To provide experiences which offer opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding and encourage curiosity and exploration.  Much of the work involves observational studies of the children’s own environment.

Geography and History
To help the pupils to gain an insight into, and an understanding of, the rich cultural heritage of peoples, past and present, and the  environment in which we live.

Art & Design, Music and Drama
To provide the opportunity for children to express themselves creatively. To develop an awareness and appreciation of themselves, others and the world around them and to allow for the use of imagination and innovation when designing and making.

Physical Education
To provide for the physical development and skills of all pupils and to encourage participation and cooperation in physical activities including basic recreational games.

To ensure that the children are able to use computers and other technological equipment to enhance their learning and to develop an understanding of the use and potential of technology in every day life.

Health and Personal Education
Our aim is to equip the children with the appropriate knowledge to enable them to make decisions and choices about matters relating to their health and well-being.

We provide a warm, caring and secure environment in order that the children may develop a positive self-image and respect and understanding for others.

Below are the classes and their teachers for Academic Year 2020-21

Nursery – Miss Lohan
Reception – Mrs Nolan (EYFS Coordinator)

Year 1 – Miss McIver
Year 2 – Miss Sullivan (KS1 Coordinator and Assistant Head)
Year 3 – Miss Pugh
Year 4 – Mr Isherwood
Year 5 – Miss Lynch (KS2 Coordinator)
Year 6 – Miss Michael

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Head of School: Damian Regan
Executive Headteacher: Catherine Gordon

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