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Joan Mirรณ - October 2021, by Miss Sullivan

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 5:01pm

In Art, we have been learning about the Spanish artist Joan Miró. We looked at some of his paintings before creating our own. Using a black pastel, we drew an abstract design before filling it with paint. We learned about the primary colours of red, yellow and blue before mixing them to create the secondary colours of orange, green and purple. We also watched an animation based on The Garden and coloured in a similar picture. Finally, we used some of Miró's surrealist images to create our own original drawings. Miss Sullivan was super impressed with all of our efforts. Like great artists, the children took home their original pieces so now only prints are available on a display in school and in the children's Topic books. 

           IMG_2136.jpg  IMG_2138.jpg  IMG_2140.jpg

                                          IMG_2142.jpg  IMG_2144.jpg  

  IMG_2155.jpg  IMG_2156.jpg  IMG_2157.jpg  IMG_2158.jpg

                                                             IMG_2164.jpg  IMG_2152.jpg

                   IMG_2183.jpg  IMG_2184.jpg   

                                               IMG_2169.jpg   IMG_2185.jpg                           

                 IMG_2167.jpg  IMG_2168.jpg                       

                                         IMG_2182.jpg  IMG_2170.jpg  

                   IMG_2171.jpg  IMG_2172.jpg

                                        IMG_2178.jpg  IMG_2173.jpg

                   IMG_2174.jpg  IMG_2175.jpg


                  IMG_2179.jpg  IMG_2180.jpg

                  IMG_2181.jpg  IMG_2177.jpg


Drama - October 2021, by Miss Sullivan

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 4:45pm

Our book in English is all about a troll and a little girl who swap homes. To help us with our writing, the children paired up and took it in turns to be the troll and the little girl when they first met. The children were amazing at getting into character to be a quiet, tidy troll and a very noisy, messy girl.

                                          IMG_2125.jpg  IMG_2126.jpg  

                IMG_2127.jpg  IMG_2132.jpg

Using Numicon - October 2021, by Miss Sullivan

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 4:39pm

In Year 2, it is really important to use equipment so that we can 'see' the Maths. We have Maths boxes available containing money, cubes, Base 10, shapes and dice. We also use Numicon regularly and here you can see how we are making number bonds to 5 and 10. It is vital that we know our number bonds because we will use them in every day life.

IMG_2117.jpg  IMG_2121.jpg  IMG_2119.jpg  IMG_2122.jpg

Painting - October 2021, by Miss Sullivan

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 3:00pm

Linked to our English stories about trolls, each child made tints by adding a colour to white in Art. We then added googly eyes to bring our troll to life!

                              IMG_2098.jpg   IMG_2105.jpg   IMG_2107.jpg

Celebrating our Individuality - October 2021, by Miss Sullivan

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 2:55pm

To celebrate our individuality, we all drew around and decorated our hands. As the dazzling display states: "We are all unique and beautiful but together we are a masterpiece." What a wonderful year it is going to be in Year 2 and we can't wait to see what each child aspires to be...

IMG_Y2 flower.jpg

Computing in Year 2 - September 2021, by Miss Sullivan

Date: 27th Oct 2021 @ 2:50pm

Year 2 are using Scratch to learn about programming. After learning about giving accurate instructions, the children chose a sprite of a boat and created a sprite of an island before selecting a background of the sea. Over the coming weeks, they will learn how to program the boat to sail to the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

IMG_2036 (1).jpg  IMG_2038 (1).jpg  IMG_2039 (1).jpg  IMG_2042.jpg


Marcus Rashford, by Miss Michael

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 11:26am

Year Six have had a fantastic morning looking at Marcus Rashford. We spent our Guided Reading session reading from his book, 'You are a Champion: How to be the best you can be' and learning that everyone's path in life is different. We know how important it is to set goals and work towards them step-by-step. 

In English, we looked at a newspaper article from after England's Euro 2020 defeat and discussed the opinions of people around the world. The children analysed the vocabulary and played a group game to answer questions about the article. 

We then looked at how Marcus Rashford would've felt following the game. We are inspired and can't wait to discover more about him! 

Miss Michael

IMG_3514.JPG IMG_3515.JPG



IMG_3512.JPG IMG_3513.JPG

Division!!!, by Miss Michael

Date: 18th Oct 2021 @ 11:10am

Today, we have been continuing to look at division. Some groups have started to work on long division following the chunking method. Others have continued to work with short division. They have been using Numicon to help them see how numbers can fit into others. We're going to continue to look at division for the rest of this week. By the end, we'll all be division superstars!

Miss Michael


IMG_3511.JPG IMG_3510.JPG



Y6 Black History Month 2021, by Miss Michael

Date: 14th Oct 2021 @ 4:18pm

Year Six had a fantastic morning learning more about Black History Month and listening to poet, Donovan Christopher. It was such an interesting and engaging session and we can't wait to read, 'The Undefeated' next week! ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ“



Castleton 2021, by Miss Michael

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 1:51pm

Year Six have had an incredible week in Castleton with Miss Pugh and Mr Isherwood. They were lucky enough to spend two days doing outdoor activities and have loved coming back into school today to share their stories. They absolutely loved the first nature walk; everyone managed to walk five miles! Everyone's commented on the stunning views!

On the first night they walked to see the sunset and then had a campfire where they sat around it eating popcorn with their friends. The children loved sitting around and looking up at the beautiful stars in the sky. 

The next day they built shelters and went on a trail to find clues. They all worked so hard as a team and loved every second of it. As always, they represented the school impeccably and are looking forward to any future trips. 

Miss Michael 




Year Six Superstars!, by Miss Michael

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 2:35pm

Year Six have had an impeccable start to the school year. They’ve shown such great determination and resilience in all of the tasks that we’ve covered.

We’ve been working extra hard during our guided reading sessions and have started to work with high level vocabulary. Everyone tried their best to match the words to their definitions and link some of the vocabulary to the photographs of WW2.

We’re all looking forward to reading our book, ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’ and finding out more details about WW2.


Miss Michael





Manfish, by Miss Michael

Date: 27th Apr 2021 @ 2:04pm

Last week we started looking at our new book, Manfish. We started predicting the type of story it could be and why we think it has been created. We were very excited to learn about a man named Jacques Cousteau. We have started learning all about him and the life he lived. So far we know that he loved the sea and invented a piece of equipment called the Aqualung. We can't wait to learn more about him and continue with our story. 

Miss Michael

Computing in Year Six, by Miss Michael

Date: 27th Apr 2021 @ 1:53pm

Year Six have been working incredibly hard during the start of their final term in Primary School. We have been using the iPads to learn phrases and colours in Spanish and listening carefully to how they are pronounced. 

During our computing sessions, we have been using Scratch on the iPads to design our own educational games. Today we created our Sprite, who will be the main character in our game. We're really looking forward to learning more about Scratch over the next half-term and trialing our own games with our peers. 


Miss Michael 

Newsletter Y6, by Miss Michael

Date: 12th Sep 2020 @ 3:11pm

Year One Love can build a bridge., by Miss McIver

Date: 22nd Mar 2020 @ 4:56pm

 The children in year One wanted to remind everyone that we are all loved and can keep each other strong in these coming weeks. 


Over the past few weeks the love and care which they have shown to each other has been amazing and they have helped each other to be strong and to find ways to show love to others.


The children wanted to remind us that we are all loved by somebody and that we can all continue to strong and grow together as a community.


Listen to this for a heart warming Love can build a bridge song.

Year Six Adverts, by Miss Michael

Date: 17th Mar 2020 @ 11:26am

We've continued working on our school adverts and will hopefully finish them this week.

Here's a sneak preview of them!


Miss Michael

World Book Day 2020, by Miss Michael

Date: 11th Mar 2020 @ 11:32am

Last week we celebrated World Book Day as a whole school. We started the day with an assembly and the children had the opportunity to participate in a parade where they could show off their fabulous outfits. The year six children were assigned a class to choose their favourite outfits and they were excellent judges!


In the afternoon, year six performed a different story to each year group. They did a fantastic job and their acting skills were incredible!! 

Overall, we all had a brilliant day and can't wait to celebrate again next year!


Our investigation into making houses for the three pigs, by Miss McIver

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 3:53pm

In our science lessons this term we have been very busy. We have been learning about materials and how to identify them. Then, we listened to the story of the three little pigs and planned and carried out investigation using food. We thought about how we could make it strong and once completed, we thought about how we could improve it.

Isaac said "It fell down but then we put two breads at the bottom and two at the top."

Jude said "We stacked the bread to make it stronger, the bad thing was the buscuits fell down."

Guevara said "We put the buscuits on its side to make it stronger and so there is no gaps"

Fabian said "The buscuit is the bricks."

Joshua G said "We had one piece of bread but that didn't hold the breadsticks in so we used four pieces!"


Safer Internet Day in Year Six, by Miss Michael

Date: 11th Feb 2020 @ 2:29pm

We have had a fantastic afternoon making PowerPoints all about staying safe online. We worked in pairs to design and create a PPT that will teach other children how and why it is so important to stay safe online. The children are going to finish them and send them to the Year Six class over at Our Lady's so they can vote for their favourite. We're looking forward to look at the websites they have created and picking our favourite one!

Miss Michael


Safer Internet Day 2020, by Miss Michael

Date: 11th Feb 2020 @ 2:22pm

We started our day with a whole school assembly all about staying staff online. This year's theme is 'Together For a Better Internet'. Mr Regan spoke to everyone about the importance of staying safe online and how we can use the internet correctly to help us. 

In the afternoon each class had to complete an activity linked to the assembly. We're hoping to blog the work that we have completed this week!

Miss Michael

Culture Club, by Miss McIver

Date: 6th Feb 2020 @ 4:08pm

In culture club, we learnt about Japan. We talked about what we already knew about Japan and then found it on the map. We compared the population to our own and then we watched a video comparing the lives of 2 children in London and Tokyo. After we talked about the similarities and differences, and wrote our own Haikus about the UK and Japan, then we performed them. 

All About Money!, by Miss Michael

Date: 6th Feb 2020 @ 11:53am

This morning we've had Wayne in from One Manchester to talk to our year six class about money. Wayne spoek to us all about how and why we save money and most importantly, about how to budget our money properly.

We had a fantastic morning and learnt so much about the importance of being careful with our money. We're hoping to have a go at the saving challenge that Wayne introduced!

Miss Michael and Miss Pickering

Adverts!, by Miss Michael

Date: 6th Feb 2020 @ 11:22am

Over the past three weeks, we have been looking at creating and designing the perfect advert. We started by looking at famous and memorable adverts and what made them a good advert. 

We then started researching how to shoot the perfect advert and what features it would need to include. This week, we had a go at filming and editing some practice videos around the school on the iPads. We're hoping to get our advert filmed next week so keep chekcing our blog to see the final video. 

Miss Michael

Poetry Workshop with Our Lady's, by Miss Michael

Date: 6th Feb 2020 @ 11:15am

Yesterday, we went over to Our Lady's to take part in a poetry workshop alongside the brilliant poet, Matthew Goodfellow. We sat and listened to some of his fantastic poems and hilarious life stories and even had the opportunity to join in with some of his poems. 

After the assembly, we worked with Mrs. Feely and her year six class to have a go at writing our own poems. We will continue to work on them separately and hopefully we'll be able to share them with each other soon. 

Miss Michael

Football Tournament, by Miss Michael

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 10:10am

Yesterday, our year five and six football team went to participate in the Premier League Primary Stars tournament at the Cliff Training Ground. They all worked so hard as part of a team and had a fantastic morning represent Holy Name. Mr Isherwood has worked incredibly hard with our after school football club and we're hoping to take part in more tournaments soon. 

Miss Michael 

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