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Holy Name School has a dedicated Pastoral team which promotes the Catholic Ethos of our school.  The Pastoral team has a high profile in our school. Each one of the team has to apply for this important role. At the beginning of the school year our Pastoral team are commissioned by our Parish Priest during our Welcome Mass and the ceremony is attended by the whole school.

 We have a dedicated Pastoral team who play a vital role in enhancing the Religious Life of our school.   Our Pastoral team are easily identified in school by their special star badges. The children have a great understanding of how Hope in the Future is a pertinent part of our school life and how we all work to be Missionary Disciples and how we can be like Jesus in all that we do.

The Pastoral Team make links with the Diocesan Hope in the Future and bring in reflections, prayers and Gospel readings. They are a part of planning and delivering our assembly on Hope in the Future and building the awareness of St Francis and the San Damiano cross.

As members of The Pastoral Team, we have a very important job to spread the Word of God throughout our school and the school community. It is our mission to interpret scripture so that children can better understand stories from the Bible and relate them to their own lives.

As members of the Pastoral Team we are called to lead our school by following in the footsteps of Jesus. Every day we live by the gospel values and show others how they can do the same. Being a member of the Pastoral Team is a challenging but very rewarding task.

The aims of the Holy Name Gift Team are:

  • To help the school to grow as a community of faith
  • To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living
  • To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school
  • To involve pupils in fundraising for charities
  • To continue to develop strong links with the Parish
  • To support the school in its Mission Statement

Our Pastoral team are a very dedicated team who have a vital role in enhancing the Religious Life of our school. Their roles include delivering class Prayer and Worship, leading prayers and reflections in assemblies and Liturgical events, supporting charities and fundraising events. They are good role models for all the pupils in our school.
We are very proud of our Pupil Chaplains.

The Pastoral team have a very high profile in school leading the prayers in our own classrooms, helping deliver whole school liturgy, Praise and collective worship, welcoming visitors and new pupils to our school and organising liturgical events.  

We work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school and to encourage children to be like Jesus in all that they do and to grow in their faith every day and to think about how to reflect and give thanks for all they have and all that they do in their lives both in school and at home.

Our Gift team are led by Miss McIver and are supported by all the staff here at Holy Name but if you have any questions or would like to know more about us please contact the office.

Charitable Acts:

Our Pastoral team are great ambassadors for leading the drive and focus in fundraising opportunities. They support the work of Caritas and CAFOD to raise money and food for those who are less fortunate.

During the year they plan and deliver opportunities to help our School to complete charitable acts such as:

  • Harvest food drive – creating posters and promoting the food drive in assemblies and in class. All the Pastoral team created posters to help each class to know what foods could be brought in.
  • Lent – CAFOD and St Joseph’s Penny – children help to create posters and promote how we are fundraising to help those who are less fortunate than us.
  • Cornerstones – having an awareness of how the Diocese support the work of Cornerstones and how the food helps them to be able to have a meal each day

Faith in Action Award Pin badge:

Our Pastoral team are working on achieving their Faith in Action Award by giving 20 hours of their time to develop the faith within school and the Parish community. They log their time and the missionary work which they have completed.

This is activities such as:

  • leading Praise and Worship Sessions
  • Planning for Advent and Lent assemblies
  • Planning for School Masses
  • planning and creating prayers for assemblies and whole School Masses
  • creating and designing posters for fund raising events
  • Attending a place of worship

This is completed with the Diocese with a celebration and recognition for achieving the award and the time given both in school and the parish community.


Key Aims

  • Being missionary disciples by giving joyful witness of Christ in their school.
  • To support the school in emphasising its spirituality and Catholicity as set out in the school’s mission statement.
  • To support and encourage the school’s pastoral care for the whole school, pupils, staff and parents;
  • To promote, plan and organise the celebration of liturgies and co-operate with others in developing the school as a Christian community;
  • To provide support in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.
  • To develop outreach work supporting local, national and international charities – Caritas Diocese of Salford, Cafod: working for change – being the change makers.

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Holy Name RC Primary School

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Head of School: Damian Regan
Executive Headteacher: Catherine Gordon

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